The Outcast

"Born in a flourishing metropolis, this creature was once at home. After failing to uphold their societies ways, they were thrown from the city walls. Their wings were clipped, and their dignity lost. Now they must adapt to the environment to survive. This is The Outcast."


I made this creature as a summer project. My goal was to push a character to a level of detail that I never felt I've reached before. It was a fun experiment with stylized forms and high frequency detailing. 



Real Time Renders



Keyshot Renders

The Host

"The Host takes over their mind and lay eggs on their body. It's gaping mouth protruding from the mans stomach allows for the parasite to quickly consume food and nourish it's eggs. Tumors begin to bubble over the body attempting to store energy for the eggs for the days when food is scarce. The mans body becomes an empty vessel slowly decaying away as the eggs mature and get ready to feast on what's left of the host. Beware this creature when it leaves at night to feast."


This is the creature I made for Jason Martin's Creature class.
I had a great time in class and learned a lot. I pushed myself to get a really well rounded character with great detailing in both the sculpting and texturing.


Total Triangle Count : 33,188

Used two 4k maps, one for the body and one for the parisite, and one 2k map for the bulbous eyes on top of the parasite.

Switched from a metalness/roughness workflow to a specular/gloss workflow and really enjoy the control specular channels give you.